Our Inframeter™ software delivers new levels of visibility, intelligence, and analysis you can trust across Hybrid IT and Multi-Cloud investments.

Generate Competitive Advantage & Alpha

Inframeter™ provides greater transparency for more effective IT budgeting and execution. Get renewed competitive advantage and more operational alpha through your Hybrid IT strategy.

Independent IT
Usage Audit

Workload Cost Analysis

Uniform Cloud Pricing Benchmark

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Direct Implementation

We can work directly with a small team within your organization to help install and manage Inframeter to meet your requirements.

Implementation Partners

Or we can work with an existing partner of yours or connect you with one of our trusted implementation and support partners after assessing your specific operational needs.

Inframeter Platform Components

Inframeter is an impartial workload meter and cost-analysis platform that works across Hybrid IT and Multi-Cloud environments. Inframeter facilitates visibility into IT workload costs and provides decision-makers with unique information they can trust to make IT investment decisions with complete confidence.

How Inframeter Works

1. Deployment

A quick, easy install. Utilize our VMware plugin or read-only agent to collect workload telemetry. Inframeter’s plugin-based framework can also integrate with most system APIs.

2. Data Collection

Each client has their own private data repository where workload telemetry and other metadata are archived. Query your data for historical and real-time analysis and planning.

3. Analysis & Optimization

Inframeter’s Analysis Platform facilitates visibility into workloads and other essential cost analytics. Utilize Inframeter API Services to extend its functionality to produce actionable business outcomes.

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